The most significant undertaking in respect of actuarial services is the triennial valuation. Our approach is to focus on the following key areas:

“The Trustees have full confidence in Hughes Price Walker and are very pleased with the quality of advice and service that they provide. Their staff are helpful, thorough and professional. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”
— Robert Upton, Chairman of Trustees, Capper & Co Ltd Pension and Assurance Scheme
  • A group of actuaries that are personable and plain talking

  • An accurate, timely and compliant service

  • Provision of regular funding updates, where required

  • Working in partnership with trustees and employers

  • Use of a highly practical funding modeller.

To increase understanding of the whole process and reduce the time taken to produce results, we use an interactive funding modeller at meetings to help explore sensitivity to variance in funding assumptions, contribution rates and the length of any recovery plan.

This modeller can also be used to run informative ‘what if’ scenarios in order to regularly update the funding position, identify potential volatility in short term pension costs, and manage any deficit effectively.

In getting to know potential clients we often provide a scheme specific demonstration of this modeller. Therefore if you would like to arrange a free demonstration please get in touch.